Stone Stacks UK
Stone/Rock Stack
What are stone stacks or rock stacks? What is
there purpose? Have you seen a stone stack on
the beach or in someone's garden?

Stone stacks are all about creating balance,
balance in the stack and balance in the builder.
You are creating a sacred stone stack and in
doing so you are creating a sacred balanced
temple within you. If you are balanced and
grounded as you would have to be to produce a
stone stack you are in a very good space. Stone
stack building is like meditation on a physical
level, you are completely grounded and focused
to achieve a perfectly balanced stack.

Once you have achieved your perfectly balanced
stone stack it is an item of beauty for passers-by
to admire. As you have produced a balanced
stone stack alter you have transferred the
balance to the environment, creating a protection
for the area and a focal point for passers-by to
reaffirm the balance and protection of the area.

Stones have always been objects of prayer and
protection. The pendant has been a form of
protection worn by many tribes and even by
people today. These pendants are generally
made of stone, which can be precious or
semiprecious crystal or a rare metal. Stone
stacks are objects of beauty and protection.